How to run payroll

To run payroll you need to complete the employer setup and add directors. Once you’ve done this, click on Create new Payroll on the top right. Then check that the details of payment date and frequency are correct before clicking on Create payroll.

create payroll

Open up the payroll and then complete the Prepare payroll step. To do this you first need to click on Add director then click on the directors you want to add and then Add.

add director

Type in the Gross Salary for each individual employee, then Mark as done once you are happy with all numbers.

mark as done

Once you have marked as done and are happy with the salaries, you should Submit RTI FPS to HMRC. This step is not reversible so ensure that numbers are correct.

submit RTI FPS to HMRC

Once the submission is complete you will need to refresh the page and you will be able to see the confirmation.

submission confirmation

Then the payroll journal can be recorded by clicking on Record Salaries. On this step you can also download the payslips by clicking on “…”.

record salaries

Finally you need to click on Record taxes to record the tax payment. This process is now complete.

record taxes