Online payments with Stripe

Get paid by your customers by adding Stripe to your invoices with Bokio

The easy way to get paid

A simple payment process for you and your customers

Quick payment

Your customers can pay you easily and quickly with their card

Secure card payments

Your clients and cash are in safe hands with Stripe

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Instant receipt

Your customers get an instant receipt for their payment

How Stripe works in Bokio

1. Add Stripe to your invoice

When you create an invoice in Bokio, you can add Stripe as a payment option.

2. You get paid

Your customer pays the invoice quickly and securely with an automatic receipt.

3. Record your sales

There's no need to switch between software! Simply record your sales in your accounting with Bokio.

What you can do with Bokio

Step-by-step accounting

Automatically import your bank transactions and record them with our step-by-step smart accounting software.

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Invoice your customers

Invoice on the go from your mobile, tablet or computer. Send them directly to your customers by email with a simple click.

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Making Tax Digital

Submit your VAT Return for Making Tax Digital in just minutes. We generate your VAT Return from your bookkeeping, so you can sit back and relax.

Automatiska rapporter

Automatic reports

All the up to date accounting reports you need to take control! Ledger, Balance, Profit and Loss, Invoicing and VAT Returns.

Manage fixed assets

Register and record your fixed assets to be depreciated over time. Bokio helps you record them when you need to.

Directors payroll

Get a modern payslip template, automatically record payroll and withdraw money from the business with a simple solution.

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Unlimited number of users

Invite more people to collaborate in your company, like your employees, accountant or colleagues.


In addition to our guides on Bokio and accounting, you also get help from our awesome support team with any questions.

Stripe FAQs

How much does it cost to use Stripe?

Stripe is included in the invoice feature, you only need to register for the price plan package.

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