Free accounting software for small business

Do your bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses with one easy online solution

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User friendly accounting software

Bokio uses automation and intuitive design to make cloud accounting straightforward, so you can focus on running your business

Simple free bookkeeping software

Record transactions with automatic bank feeds and smart bookkeeping templates

Small business invoicing

Quick invoice creator to send unlimited invoices to your customers

Manage expenses

Track and record business and your employees expenses with our free accounting software

Benefits of free accounting software for small businesses

Make accounting easy

Do your own accounting with a simple step-by-step process.

Invoicing software

Integrated invoicing generator to create, send, track and record invoices with your accounting.

Making Tax Digital

Submit your VAT return for free with our Making Tax Digital software.

Automated reporting

Keep track of your finances with automated reporting.

Mobile app

Upload receipts on the go with our free receipt capture mobile app for you and your employees.

Accounting on the go

Access anytime, anywhere - just log in on your computer, tablet or mobile.

Free accounting software

Save your time and money with a free solution.

Why is Bokio free?

We know you won't believe it's free, so here's how Bokio works

Is Bokio truly free?

Yes, Bokio accounting software is free as long as you do your accounting yourself, or in collaboration with your own accountant.

How does Bokio make money?

Bokio makes money by charging for financial services at a very competitive price that help you run your business smoothly. In Sweden, where Bokio was founded, small business owners can pay for invoice finance, priority support and other helpful financial services at a really attractive price.

Small business FAQs

Do I need accounting software for my small business?

Cloud-based accounting software is a great way for small businesses to get an overview of how they are performing. Using an all-in-one solution like Bokio means you don't have to switch between spreadsheets and documents to create invoices, manage expenses and keep track of transactions.

Cloud accounting software means you can securely access everything you need wherever you are, and makes collaborating with your colleagues or accountant effortless. Read how using Bokio helped business owner Adrian manage his finances.

How to make invoices for a small business

With our intuitive invoice generator you can create invoices and send them directly to your customers. The invoice will include everything you need, including your logo, brand colours, company information and interest for late payments. When you save customers and items or services, it makes it even quicker to send your invoices.

Why is Bokio accounting software free?

Bokio's accounting software is free to use. Bokio makes money by charging for additional financial services.

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