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Free accounting software for small businesses

Record transactions, create and send invoices, manage your VAT returns. Running your business has never been easier.

Introduction to Accounting Guide

What are the basics of accounting and how to do your own accounting in Bokio? Find all the answers in this free guide.

We teach you
what to do and how to do it

Record a receipt

Pay bill

Due in 2 days

Record VAT report

Complete year-end closure

Due in 5 days

Approve expense

Added on 01-12-2018

Record supplier invoice

Bokio is a simplified financial solution for any industry, which makes your life easy.

  • The to do list keeps your company on track
  • Simple step-by-step bookkeeping
  • Seek help from our support team if you need it
  • Everything from bookkeeping to closure
  • In compliance with HMRC

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Easy to use and always free without annoying limitations. Add our additional support or accounting expertise if you need some extra help.
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  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Expenses
  • Support
  • Automatic backup
  • Mobile-friendly
  • MTD compliant
  • AI driven
  • Cloud based
  • Secure
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Why free?

We want to simplify your everyday life by automating your financial work without spending money.

The Bokio model is simple. 

Bokio will always be free if you do the job yourself using our accounting system.

We know that small funds make a big difference for entrepreneurs. We are funded by customers who purchase our add-on services. This allows Bokio to grow and get even better.