Accounting software for accountants

Make managing your clients simple with our time-saving software.

Cloud accounting

Everything in one place - Bokio helps you work smarter so you can focus on offering high-value services.

Unlimited collaboration

Collaborate with unlimited clients and colleagues with customised permissions.

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Client management

Bokio Practice Manager is easy to use and to get started with.

Automatic bank feeds

Work efficiently with automatic bank feeds and instant access to materials without chasing your clients.

Accounting support

You’re always supported with an accounting expert to help you get started.

Collaborate with your clients

Bokio is simple to use, which means you can work with your clients together to get their accounting done.

Your clients can upload receipts and documents, set up bank feeds, manage their invoicing and more – all in the same place. When they do this regularly, you’ll have all the information you need to do reports, submit tax returns and manage their finances. There’s no last minute stress or chasing up records.

If you have interested and capable clients you can choose to collaborate even further. They can record transactions themselves with our intuitive, step-by-step process.

Be MTD compliant in minutes

When you do your client's day-to-day accounting with Bokio, you don't need to spend time calculating their VAT Returns.

Connect to HMRC

Connect Bokio to HMRC to view your client's VAT Returns and create a direct digital link.

Generate and review

Automatically generate the VAT Return and check it over. We show you the breakdown of how each box is calculated.

Easy online submission

Submit your client's Making Tax Digital compliant VAT Return in just a few clicks.

Bokio Partner Programme

There are lots of benefits to joining our new Partner Program! Here’s what you can expect when you join:


Get more clients

If you have 5+ clients in Bokio, we can list your practice on our website and our users can contact you.


Earn commission

With our loyalty programme you get commission when you add clients to Bokio.


Dedicated support

Accounting support for help with getting started, accounting in Bokio, or any other questions.


Bokio Practice Manager

Manage your Bokio clients in one place and easily switch between them.

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Get started with Bokio Practice Manager

Manage your clients in a secure cloud-based software.

1. Create your practice

Create your account and invite your colleagues.

2. Add clients

Create companies in Practice Manager and invite your clients to use Bokio.

3. Switch between clients

All your clients in one place. You can add unlimited companies, and it's easy to switch between clients.


What can my clients do with Bokio?

Bokio helps record transactions in the right place with bookkeeping templates. The bookkeeping software contains an invoice generator, expenses management and unlimited bank feeds. Plus, there's a range of reports including Making Tax Digital for VAT.

Bokio also has a mobile accounting app to upload receipts on the go. See the full list of features.

How does Making Tax Digital work in Bokio?

Bokio is an easy-to-use Making Tax Digital program that uses automation to make the process easier. When the period's bookkeeping is done in Bokio, the VAT return is automatically generated and can be submitted to HMRC with just a few clicks.

How do I set up bank feeds in Bokio?

Setting up bank feeds in Bokio is as simple as connecting your bank account to Bokio. Then, your transactions will be automatically imported daily.

What are the benefits of cloud-based accounting software?

Bokio is a cloud accounting software that lets you manage your finances on the go on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Cloud accounting software is more secure, as your activity is encrypted. At Bokio, we have similar online security as a bank. Doing your accounting online also makes it easy to collaborate with your accountant or colleagues.

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