Simple and quick invoicing software for small businesses

Create, send, track and record invoices on the go. Running your business has never been easier.

Send professional invoices wherever you are

Improve your cash flow with quick invoicing and status tracking.
Fakturering integrerat med bokföringen

Automated bookkeeping

Avoid switching between different software. In Bokio, invoicing and bookkeeping are in the same place.

Designa din faktura och välj färg

Design your invoice

Upload your logo and choose your invoice colour to suit your brand.

Automatiska rapporter

Invoicing reports

Get full control of your sales with the help of automatic invoice reports.

Anpassade fakturafunktioner

Invoicing features

Integrated time reporting, invoicing tracking and more with our invoicing software.

How do invoices work?

Make getting paid quick and easy with Bokio's invoicing software.

1. Invoice quickly and easily

Create and send invoices directly to your customers from Bokio invoicing software.

2. Full control of incoming payments

If your customer’s payment is late you can send them a reminder.

3. Integrated bookkeeping

Record your payments with one click. As simple as it sounds!

Online payments with Stripe

Get hassle-free payments with our Stripe integration.

The easy way to get paid

Add Stripe to your invoices as a payment option.

Save time accounting

We automatically match and record payments in your accounting.

Get happy customers

Customers can pay quickly, securely and get an instant receipt.

More about Stripe

Get an overview with invoice reports

Bokio's invoice reports give you a better understanding of your invoices and sales so you can make more informed decisions about your business. You can:

  • Select which period of time you want to see
  • View sum that was invoiced
  • View number of invoices
  • Filter for specific customers
  • See top 5 expenses
  • See top 5 customers or items

Create and manage quotes in Bokio

1. Create a quote and send to your customer

Add customers, items and terms for quotation. Send directly to your customer by email or download as a PDF.

2. Manage the status of quotes

You can mark a quote as approved, decline or edit it during negotiations.

3. Create your invoice

When your customer has approved the quote and it is time to invoice, you easily create an invoice from the quote in Bokio.

Invoicing with Bokio

  • Integrated bookkeeping
  • Choose the colour of your invoice
  • Upload your company logo
  • Send by email or download a PDF
  • Send and manage quotes
  • Automated invoice reports
  • Attach files
  • Import customers and items
  • Accounts receivable
  • Integrated time reporting
  • Send reminders
  • Save items and customers
  • Create and manage credit notes
  • Item list

Invoicing FAQs

How to create an invoice

You don't need an invoice example with Bokio! With our intuitive invoice generator software, you can create invoices and send them directly to your customers. The invoice will include everything you need, including your logo, brand colours, company information and interest for late payments.

When you save customers and items or services, it makes it even quicker to send your invoices. You can also select whether the customer is a Limited Company or Individual and retrieve data from Companies House to make the job easier.

Can I create invoices in a foreign currency?

Yes, you can! You can create invoices in currencies such as the Euro, US dollar, Swedish krona, Japanese Yen, and many more.

How do I credit an invoice?

In the case of a return, compensation, damaged goods, or similar situations, you can choose to cancel, also known as credit, the invoice. In Bokio, you can choose to credit an existing invoice or create a standalone credit note.

Can I send a reminder to a customer?

If your customer hasn’t paid your invoice by the due date, you can send a reminder and reminder fee (if you like) directly from the invoice in Bokio.

How many invoices can I send?

You can send as many invoices as you like.

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