Bookkeeping software made simple

Record transactions, view automated reports, submit your VAT return for MTD and more, in one ridiculously easy to use solution for small businesses.

More than just bookkeeping software

Bokio’s bookkeeping software has everything you need to keep your business finances on track.

Simple step-by-step bookkeeping

We've made it easy to do your bookkeeping from your bank feed in just a few steps.

Analyse reports at a glance

Ledger, Balance, Profit and Loss & VAT Returns.

Invite users to collaborate

Give access to your accountant or team members.

Submit VAT reports for MTD

Automated VAT Return for HMRC in compliance with Making Tax Digital.

Hassle-free & efficient bookkeeping

Record your transactions in 3 easy steps:

Select your transaction

Import from your bank feed, upload a receipt or invoice.

Pick a bookkeeping template

Search for what you want to record and the chart of accounts, VAT, debit and credit will be taken care of for you!

Record your transaction

Record with just a few clicks. Your accounting is now securely stored in the cloud!

Never miss a bank transaction with bank feeds

1. Connect your bank account

Bank feeds are offered in collaboration with our open banking partner Plaid. Connecting your bank account only takes a minute!

2. Automatically import transactions

Your bank transactions are automatically imported to Bokio up to 4 times a day. They'll be waiting when you're ready to do your bookkeeping.

3. Record your transactions quickly

We help you record your transactions fast. Our bulk record feature lets you record multiple transactions at once, and automatic matching means you won't have any duplicate transactions.

Take control with automated reports

Reports are automatically generated from your bookkeeping so you can check in your finances at a glance. If you want, you can export most reports to Excel so you can dig a little deeper. Bokio has these reports:

  • General ledger
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • Submit VAT Returns through HMRC
  • Invoice reports

Bookkeeping with Bokio

  • Record transactions with smart templates
  • Import transactions with bank feeds
  • Integrated bookkeeping
  • Submit Making Tax Digital VAT Returns
  • Asset management
  • Bulk record bank transactions
  • Automated reporting
  • Receipt scanning mobile app
  • Access for your accountant or team members
  • Supports VAT free businesses
  • To do list to keep on track

Bookkeeping FAQs

What reports are supported in Bokio?

Bokio has automated reporting, including:

  • Making Tax Digital for VAT
  • Profit and loss report
  • General ledger
  • Balance sheet report
  • Suppliers (accounts payable)
  • Customers (accounts receivable)
  • EC Sales List
How do I set up bank feeds in Bokio?

Setting up bank feeds in Bokio is as simple as connecting your bank account to Bokio. Then, your transactions will be automatically imported daily.

Can I do my Self Assessment tax return with Bokio?

Yes, you can! Bokio can help you prepare your accounts for Self Assessment so you can be ready to submit your tax return. You can also use our Profit and Loss report to make filling in your return easy.

What is cloud-based accounting software?

Cloud accounting software means it is hosted remotely. This has lots of benefits! Bokio is a cloud accounting software program, that lets you manage your finances on the go on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Cloud accounting software is more secure, as your activity is encrypted. At Bokio, we always ensure our users’ data is safe, secure and not compromised and have similar online security as your bank. Doing your accounting online also makes it really easy to collaborate with your accountant or colleagues.

Get started with bookkeeping in Bokio

If you want to start doing your bookkeeping, read our guide on how to get started with Bokio.

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