How we keep your data safe

At Bokio we make sure that our users’ data is safe and secure. We take our responsibility to our users seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems and data is our top priority.

How does Bokio protect my data?


Bokio maintains the same level of security as your bank, with an SSL certificate ensuring that your data is encrypted when being transferred and stored in Bokio.

You can see this with the small lock next to the URL in most browsers, and with the ‘https’ that comes before the website address.

Data encryption

We encrypt all data that goes between you and Bokio, protecting your personal and financial data. Also, your data is encrypted when it is stored on our servers.

Two-step authentication

We provide standard access to the Bokio software through a login and password.

In addition we offer the option of using two-step authentication. This provides a second level of security for your Bokio account.

It means you’re also asked to enter a unique code generated by a separate authenticator app on your smartphone. We recommend you use two-step authentication as it reduces the risk of your Bokio account being accessed if your password is compromised.

Can I lose my data?

No, you cannot lose your data as we run multiple levels of backup solutions to protect our users data in the unlikely event of a user error or data deletion, server breakdown or attack. There’s no need to worry! We’ve always got your back to prevent any failures from causing data loss.

If you have any concerns regarding your data security you can always contact us here

Does Bokio follow GDPR guidelines?

Yes, all your data is handled according to GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulations, to ensure your data is kept safe. We have put in place safeguards to prevent your personal data from being lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Will Bokio sell my data to third parties?

No, Bokio does not sell or distribute your user data to third party companies. Read more about our data policy here.

Do I have control on my data?

As a Bokio user, you can give access to your account to an unlimited number of users to collaborate on your financial data. You’ll also decide what type of permissions you want these users to have.

You will always be able to export your data and delete your account if you want to stop using Bokio as your accounting software. You can read more about your account management in our help center.

If you want to delete your account, we will store your data until your next financial statement has been submitted.