Create professional invoices

Save time and get paid faster. Get a free invoice template to send customised invoices quickly.  

Free invoicing software or invoice template?

Choosing Bokio's free invoicing software will make your life easier.
invoicing in Bokio

Save time

Save information to reduce repetitive tasks such as entering customer details, articles and services.

Stay organised

Bokio offers an end-to-end accounting service, from creating an invoice and sending it directly to customers to recording the payment in your accounting.

Manage your invoices

Keep track of late payments and get reminders of overdue invoices to improve your cash flow management.

Invoice on the go

Create and send an invoice from your mobile, desktop or tablet

Start invoicing for free in Bokio

Join the community of small business owners using Bokio to easily run their business.

Why is Bokio free?

We know you won't believe it's free, so here's how Bokio works

Is Bokio truly free?

Yes, Bokio accounting software is free as long as you do your accounting yourself, or in collaboration with your own accountant.

How does Bokio make money?

Bokio makes money by charging for financial services at a very competitive price that help you run your business smoothly. In Sweden, where Bokio was founded, small business owners can pay for invoice finance, priority support and other helpful financial services at a really attractive price.

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