What do we support for directors payroll?

What do we support?

  • Enter and save employer details and HMRC credentials to support submissions.
  • Adding employees that are directors, and have the tax code ending in L, that either starts either C, S or numbers and also the tax code BR.
  • Running payroll on a frequency: monthly or annual payroll
  • Running a payroll with one pay component “Gross salary”
  • Automatically calculating payroll deduction for Income Tax, student loan, employee National Insurance.
  • Calculating amount due for Employer National Insurance.
  • Submitting RTI FPS.
  • Recording payroll journal entry.
  • Recording tax payment.
  • Editing employees.
  • Producing payslips for employees.
  • Editing a payroll after submission.
  • Marking employees as offboarded and issuing P45s.
  • Marking an FPS, as the final FPS of the year.
  • Producing P60’s.

What do we not support?

  • Submitting EPS
  • Adding employees that are not directors, and do not have a tax code ending in L, and doesn't start with either starts either C, S or numbers and is not the tax code BR.
  • Claiming employment allowance.
  • Adding hourly pay, bonus or any other pay component than Gross salary.
  • Any integration to auto enrolment or option to manually add pension deductions.
  • Any deductions other than Income Tax, student loan and employee National Insurance.
  • Payroll benefits.
  • Managing the payments to HMRC or employees.