Can you revert a payroll after submission?

Yes, it is possible to revert a payroll after submission. If you have made a mistake on a submitted payroll and want to adjust the payroll and resubmit it, you can do so as long as the payroll is the most recent payroll created.

In order to do so the salaries and taxes should not yet be recorded. If you have already recorded the salaries and taxes you will first need to click on step 3 and 4 on the payroll and then click on Undo accounting.

undo accounting

Once the bookkeeping in step 3 has been removed you can then go to step 1 “Prepare pay run”. You will now be able to click on Unlock, as long as it is the most recent payroll, otherwise the unlock button will be greyed out.

unlock payroll

You can then adjust the gross salary and then click on Mark as Done. Then, click on Step 2 Report to HMRC and then on Resubmit RTI FPS to HMRC.

Resubmit RTI FPS to HMRC

You will then get a warning message so you will need to click on Yes, resubmit.

warning message

Now you’ll be able to see the most recent submission receipt along with the outdated ones.

most recent submission