Upgrading your bank feed connection

If you set up your bank feed before 15/04/2021, you will be required to upgrade to our new more reliable Plaid bank feed connection. This will need to be done when your connection next expires (normally 90 days after you last connected).

To update your connection, go to the Manage bank feeds page and click on Needs reconnection as normal.

needs reconnection button

Then click on Reconnect as normal.

click Reconnect button

Then you will be shown that you are required to upgrade.

upgrade your bank feed connection

Click on Upgrade.

You will then be taken through the process of adding your bank feed again starting at Step 2.

When you come to Step 5 on the setting up bank feeds article, you will need to enter the “bookkeeping/payment account” as the account it was set up as before the you upgraded as per the note above.

You should enter the “Get transactions from” date as the date of the last transaction that was fetched from this account, we will fetch normally this automatically. If this date is not fetched you can look it up by going to the Bank feeds page, clicking on the relevant bank and seeing the latest date.

date of import

Note: We will ensure that no duplicates are fetched.