How to disconnect bank feeds

If you decide that you no longer want to import your bank transactions into Bokio you can disconnect your bank at any point.

You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Bank feeds on the menu on the left hand side.

  2. You can then click on the Manage button on the top right of the page.

  3. Here you will see all of your connected bank accounts.

  4. Then you can click on Disconnect bank, this will mean that we will no longer fetch bank transactions or have any connection to your bank.

    disconnect bank account

  5. You will then choose whether you want to remove the remaining items in your To do list that were imported from the bank feed you are disconnecting before confirming that you want to disconnect.

    remove transactions

You can reconnect your bank at any point following the instructions in this article on how to set up bank feeds.

What will this do?

If you disconnect your bank feed then we won't import any future transactions and you will have the option to remove any transactions that were imported via this bank that remain in your To do list. This will also remove the bank line for recorded transactions but keep the journal entries recording meaning you will be able to link these journal entries to other bank lines. However, if you reconnect your bank feed then these transactions will be re-imported.