Matching bank transactions in Bokio

When importing bank transactions (either manually or with bank feeds), all transactions are listed under Transactions to record. This page can be found under Bank feeds, or alternatively you can find the page in your Things to do.

Matching bank transactions in Bokio

When you import bank transactions into Bokio, you will get suggestions to match these bank transactions against existing supplier and customer invoices, and manual payments (journal entries that include a bank account that are already recorded).

You can do this by ticking one or multiple transactions that have suggested matches. You can also select all transactions with a match using the filter option shown below.

transactions with matches

Once you tick one transaction that has a suggested match, you will then only be able to select other transactions that have a suggested match (either with another journal entry, supplier invoice or customer invoice) so you can match these transactions in one batch. The other transactions that do not have a match will be greyed out and you will not be able to select these. You also have the select all checkbox on the top left of the screen shown below. This is only available if you have no transactions You will then be prompted to Match X items.

match transactions

You will then see a confirmation that transactions have been matched.

matched items

To see the result you can go to the Bank feeds page and view the specific account you recorded transactions from as shown below:

matched journal entries

Manual matching

If we suggest a match that isn’t correct, then you can choose the correct match by ticking the transactions and then clicking on Browse matches. This option is only available if you have one item ticked, it can’t be done as a batch option.

browse matches

If there are no suggested matches you can access the manual matching by clicking on “…” and then Match manually.

match maually

You then have the option to instead match it to any unpaid invoices or supplier invoices, but only to journal entries that are the same amount.

browse transactions

Click on Match and register payment (when matching to invoices) or Match with journal entry (when matching to journal entries) which will remove these from the Transactions to record page. You will then see the screen shown below confirming this action.

match and register payment

Alternatively, if you don’t want to match this to an invoice or journal entry you can record instead (create a new journal entry), see more about recording transactions below.

Match with journal entries

We will suggest matches with journal entries if:

  • The amount of the journal entry is the same as the bank transaction
  • It is in the same payment account and the date is within 5 days either before or after the journal entry that has been recorded.

If you have a journal entry that is for the same amount but the date is over 5 days before or after the transaction then it can be matched manually.

As these journal entries have already been recorded there is no journal entry recorded in this step. However, these bank transactions now disappear from your Transactions to record and this will link the imported bank transaction to the journal entry.

Match with invoices or supplier invoices

We also suggest matches between both supplier and customer invoices with imported bank transactions. We will suggest matches when the invoice amount has the same amount or is within 5% of the imported bank transaction, but only when the bank transaction date is between the invoice date and 7 days after the due date.

If it doesn’t fit within this range you can find out how to manually match transactions in the guide on this page. If the invoice hasn’t already been recorded this process will also record the invoice, as well as registering and recording the payment.

If the invoice isn’t exactly the same amount you will need to decide whether you still want to close the invoice or leave it open for more payments.

Supplier invoice

match to supplier invoice

Customer invoice

register matched customer invoice