How to disconnect bank transactions from journal entries

If you have recorded your bank transactions from the Transactions to record or matched to existing journal entries on this page, this will remove transactions from the page and create a link between the bank transaction and the journal entry. 

If you realise that the journal entry is matched to the wrong bank line, you can go to the Bank feeds page and then click on the relevant bank.

You can then then find the bank transactions that you wish to disconnect from the journal entry, click on “…” and then Disconnect from journal entry. This will then return the bank transaction to the Transactions to record page but it will not delete the journal entry. 

Once you have done this you will have the option to match this journal entry to the same bank transaction again or a different one. 

Alternatively, if you realise that the journal entry that you have created was incorrect, you can delete the journal entry and this will also return the transactions to the Transactions to record page.