Release Notes


New in May 2022

Create a recurring invoice and it will generate an invoice every week, month, quarter or year. Less work needed from you and less worry of errors when managing your recurring contracts. Find out more.

If you split your transaction by mistake and you want to return to the original transaction, Undo split has been added to the menu. Read more about it in the help article.

We have improved the navigation between expense claims, journal entries and expense payments, plus improvements to the lists of expenses and payments in multiple ways.

You can choose to create a bank rule under Transactions to record, and the information available about the message and amount is now filled in automatically based on the information available on the bank transaction.


Bank rules

You can make recording bank transactions even faster with bank rules. All companies with the Business plan can now create bank rules that allow the correct bookkeeping template to automatically be selected when recording bank transactions. This is how bank rules work.


Share your own bookkeeping templates

You can now share your own bookkeeping templates with other Bokio users. Custom bookkeeping templates can be created yourself to help you record transactions faster and more securely. See how to create your accounting templates.

We are storing information on your device that is required for Bokio to work. Read more in our Cookie policy. We would also like to store marketing and analytics cookies to help us make Bokio better. Can we do that?