Release notes - Receipt inbox

New features! See file names on uploads via receipt inbox

In this week's release, we have a lot of updates to the To Do list. With improved matching bank transactions and invoices, credit cards as a default payment account and displaying file names and the subject line of the email message you upload from your receipt inbox, it is now even easier to organise your finances with your To do list.

Automatic matching against recorded transactions

Matching against bank transactions is a good way to manage payments for invoices and supplier invoices. It also lets you make sure that everything in your bank account has been recorded. The improvements include:

  • New look bank transaction matches in Things to do.

match payment

  • The possibility to choose if we suggest multiple matches, for example if you have multiple invoices for the same amount with the similar dates.
  • To be able to manually match if we suggest the wrong match or no match at all.

match manually

  • Matching against journal entries has been updated to match within a time span of 5 days. In the past, it had to be exactly the right day, which was a problem in some cases.

Receipt inbox and To do

Submissions via the receipt inbox will now be easier to see in the To do list. The file name of the PDF together with the subject line of the email is displayed as a description.

receipt inbox

Permissions for users

Now you get full control of all users' permissions! Under Settings → Users, you can add and change whether, for example, a user should be able to record transactions or not, send invoice and manage expenses. We have improved is the description of the different permissions so you can clearly see what they mean.

user permissions

Credit card added as default payment account

The payment account Credit card on bookkeeping account 2550 has now been added as a default. Now, you can easily connect your bank feed to your credit card account in Bokio.