Send receipts and invoices by email - Create receipt inbox

All companies have the opportunity to create an inbox in Bokio that receives invoices and receipts via email. Emails that you send to the inbox that have an attachment will go to your To do list in Bokio and can then easily be recorded from there.

Step 1: Create address for your receipt inbox

Under Settings → Inbox, you can create your inbox and give it a name, eg The maximum size of the attachment message is 4Mb. The address is created automatically but if you want to change it you can click on Edit then choose your own name.

Bokio receipt inbox

Step 2: Add allowed senders

In order to submit material to the company's receipt inbox, you must add the email address of the authorised sender. Here you can add both your own and your supplier's email addresses.

After that, just send or forward receipts and invoices as PDF files to the selected email address, they will then end up in your To do list for you to record later. Currently, it only works to submit attachments as PDF.

Can't create receipt inbox?

If the address you have chosen isn’t accepted by the system, another user may have the same name. Alternatively, you previously had a company that you deleted where this name existed as a receipt inbox. Please contact and we will help you solve this.

My receipts aren't being received even if the address is authorised

Gmail sometimes seems to register two different versions of the email address. You will need to add both as allowed senders to the receipt inbox.