Recording journal entries manually in Bokio

Start by clicking on the arrow next to Record with either “Upload with receipt or invoice” or “Without receipt”.

record item manually

In the next step, you will choose the type of documentation or journal entry that you’re going to record. We’re going to be entering a journal entry manually (i.e. writing in the account number and debit/credit amount ourselves).

choose item category

Now we reach the modern bookkeeping interface with Bokio’s bookkeeping templates. You can either search for these under “Search” or view the different categories under “All templates”. Click “Manual” to be able to enter bookkeeping records manually.

choose journal entry template

When entering records manually, you can search by both account number and account name.

Note! Remember that you cannot select an account that is not in our chart of accounts. If you’re looking for an account that’s not on the list, you will be unable to use this when entering bookkeeping records in Bokio.

You must also enter the title and date of the journal entry.

select journal entry date

Fill in all the accounts and make sure that the credit and debit amounts balance, otherwise you will be unable to enter journal entry. To add additional bookkeeping accounts, click “New row”.

When you’re done, click “Record”. You will then get a preview of the journal entry. To create the journal entry, click “OK”.