The general ledger in Bokio

The general ledger contains business transactions sorted by account. This gives you a useful overview of the accounts and transactions linked to the selected period. You can use the date selector in Bokio to view the general ledger for a specific month or the whole year. 

The general ledger helps you to see the balance of each account, the specific journal entries that have affected the account, and whether these were credited or debited. Should there be a discrepancy in your bookkeeping, the ledger is a good place to look for an overview of the allocations between the accounts and to start troubleshooting.

The general ledger is often used to reconcile different accounts, e.g. to check whether the company account balance is the same as the bank account balance. Since you have a good overview, you can use the ledger to quickly identify errors in your bookkeeping. 

general ledger report