Can I export reports to Excel?

Yes you can! It is now possible to export reports to Excel and PDF from Bokio.

Which reports can you export to Excel?

  • Profit and loss - Full detail including account balances
  • Balance sheet - Full detail including individual account balance
  • General ledger - Account breakdown for each account
  • Trial balance - Account breakdown with Debit and Credit

Profit and loss and Balance sheet reports

When you go to the Profit and loss report or Balance sheet report in Bokio you now have the option to export to Excel. You can do this by clicking on “…” on the top right of the page and then clicking on Export to Excel.

export to Excel

This then generates an Excel file in the format shown below.

Exported Profit and loss report

General ledger report

The General ledger report is used to see balances and a detailed breakdown of any bookkeeping account in Bokio. If you go to the General ledger report you now have the option to export specific accounts in Bokio to Excel, as well as export the entire General ledger breakdown. You can export this data by clicking on the account you wish to export, for example 1200 (bank account) shown in the screenshot below. You can then click on Export to Excel.

General ledger report

This will then generate an Excel file in the format as shown below.

Exported General ledger report

Trial balance

The Trial balance gives the balance for each account as a Debit or a Credit for the specified period. To export your report, go into the General ledger and click "..." then select Trial balance (Excel). Your report will download automatically.

trial balance report in Excel