Create new clients in Practice Manager

When you arrive on the Clients page in Practice Manager you will have the option to Create client.

create client in Practice Manager

Then you will need to choose the type of company that you want to create, either client company, your own company or a test company. The only type of company that will get added to your client list in the Practice Manager is a client company.

choose company type

You will then follow the sign up flow from steps 2-4 which you can read more about on this page.

You will then see an additional step to invite the client and company owner to the company in Bokio.

invite client to Bokio

The client you created will then show as a pending client until the client/company owner accepts the invitation.

pending client invitations

The client will receive an email inviting them to join Bokio.

client invitation email

Once the client has accepted the invitation they will be added to the client list. Then, the company can be accessed by both the client/company owner and the accountant.

client list in Practice Manager