Add existing clients to Practice Manager

There are a number of scenarios where you may have clients that are not yet added to your Practice Manager such as:

  • You were invited to a company in Bokio by the client.
  • You created the company before you created a Practice Manager in Bokio.
  • You used the Create new company flow instead of clicking Create client.

If you have created a Practice Manager and have access to clients in Bokio that aren’t added to your Practice Manager, you will see a banner prompting you to do so.

add clients to practice manager

You can either click on Review and connect or go to Settings and then Connect companies to Practice Manager.

review and connect

This will allow you to select which companies you want to connect to Practice Manager and then confirm.

select companies

Note: There are certain circumstances where you will not be able to add certain clients Practice Manager. For example, if you are the company owner, the company is added to a different Practice Manager or you do not have the relevant permissions.