How do I delete a customer invoice?

If you’ve published an invoice and it's the the most recently created invoice, under “More” you can choose “Amend invoice” and then “Undo now”. The invoice will then go back to Drafts. You can now delete the invoice by clicking the trash can icon.

amend invoice

You can find the “More” button at the top right of the invoice.

If the invoice is the last to have been created, you can choose “Undo now”.

undo published invoice

The invoice will then go back to being a draft and can be deleted completely by clicking “Delete” in the top-right corner.

delete draft invoice

If, however, the invoice status is “Paid”, you will need to restore the invoice to “Sent”. If payment has been recorded for the journal entry, it must be cancelled first (or deleted, if it is the last journal entry in the series). Click the trash can icon in the invoice history to cancel the recorded payment.

If you use the invoice method and only record the business transaction, this is the journal entry you must cancel (which you can do by editing the invoice) in order to eventually remove the invoice.

If the invoice is not the last to be created, which means that you have subsequent invoices with higher numbers, you cannot remove it as it will create an illegal hole in the invoice series. You must instead credit the invoice. The status of the original invoice will then be “Credited” and a new invoice will be created in the form of a credit note. Find out more about how to credit an invoice in Bokio.