Register the payment of a customer invoice

Once payment is received for your invoice it should be marked as paid. You can do this by going into your invoice and clicking the “Register payment” button in the top-right corner or you can do it via the To do list through the bank transactions.

register payment

Enter the amount paid by the customer and select the account the payment was made to. In this case, it was made to the company account at the bank and we’re choosing bookkeeping account 1200. Payment accounts can be managed in Settings → Payment accounts.

register payment

Also select the date that the money reached the bank. You can click forwards and backwards from the due date using the arrows. It’s a good idea to use the calendar to make sure you enter the correct date.

register invoice payment date

If the amount doesn’t correspond with the invoice amount, you can either record the difference as decimal rounding or leave the invoice open for additional payments. In this way you can process the part payment of invoices.

leave invoice open for more payments


Record a paid invoice

When you click “Register payment”, you can choose to record the payment immediately. If you want to, you can click “Cancel” to wait to record the payment or if you’re planning to record it manually.

payment has been registered