Settle an invoice

If part of an invoice hasn’t been paid and you will not receive payment you have a number of ways to settle the invoice.

First click on More at the top right of an invoice then click on Settle invoice.

choose settle invoice

You can then choose the reason you would like to settle the invoice. Then click Settle invoice.

choose reason to settle invoice

You then have the option to record the settlement or cancel and do this later.

settlement has been registered

Here's some more information about the different type of settlements available:

Bad debt

Use this when it's confirmed that you will not be paid for the invoice. This can be because you are not willing to take further action to collect the debt.

Bank fee

Use this when a bank fee is deducted from the payment received. This is common in payments received through PayPal or similar methods.

Currency gain or loss

Use this if you have received a different amount than you invoiced due to the movement in the currency exchange rate between the invoice date and the payment date. This is only applied when you raise an invoice in a different currency.