Transferring from Wave to Bokio

Switching to Bokio at the end of the fiscal year

If you are switching at the end of your Fiscal Year, this makes it easier to switch to Bokio as you can use our opening balance feature.

First of all you need to take the balance sheet report from Wave at the year end date you want to switch from, then you'll need to enter opening balances.

You can then enter the balances from the balance sheet report in Opening balances in Bokio.

Switching to Bokio midway through the year

This is slightly more complicated and we would recommend switching at the end of the month or VAT period. You can do this by taking the Trial balance report from Wave and setting the report to the date you wish to switch. Then you can enter these values from the report in Bokio as a Manual journal on the day you wish to switch.

You can do this in Bokio by clicking Record on the top left, then tick Money in and then Next.

choose money in

Select the Manual tab and enter the debits and credits from the trial balance. Then, click Preview and record.

preview and report

Entering unpaid customer invoices

If you use either of the solutions above you are able to import unpaid invoices.

If you have unpaid customer invoices at the year end this will be shown as a balance in accounts receivable in Wave (trade debtors in Bokio), and if you have unpaid supplier invoices at the switching date this will be shown as a balance in accounts payable in Wave (trade creditors in Bokio).

You can see the breakdown of this in Wave by taking the aged receivables and aged payable reports. Then, you can enter them as trade debtors and creditors in Bokio.

Importing your customers, suppliers and items

You can export your customers from Wave as a CSV file, you will then be able to copy the contents of this file and then import your customers into Bokio.

You can then export your vendors from Wave as a CSV file and import these into Bokio as suppliers by going to:

  1. Suppliers and purchases
  2. Then Suppliers 
  3. Click on “…” in the top right
  4. Then Import suppliers

import suppliers

You can then take your Products and services from Wave and highlight them and copy and paste them into an excel sheet and then import them as items into Bokio.

Important to note

Please note this is not importing historic bookkeeping; it is taking the closing position from Wave and transferring this to Bokio. This means that you will need to make sure that you keep all relevant records that all records are exported from Wave before closing your account such as:

  • General ledger
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • All receipts and invoices that are only stored on Wave.
  • Copies of VAT 100 reports and the workings

If you have any questions you can always contact our awesome support team at