Import items

If you’ve exported customers or items from another bookkeeping program, you can upload them to Bokio. First you need a CSV file from the previous program.

Go to “Invoicing” and select “Items”. Click the button in the right-hand corner to import the items. 

In the next step, you can import items from another program by pasting data from a CSV file. It’s best to copy the data from a table. Sometimes you can copy data straight out of the other program. If not, we recommend Excel or Google Docs. Open your file, select the items you want to import, and paste them into the box. Here you can also see what kind of data you can import, such as item names and VAT. You can now import the data.

Once the items have been imported, you can confirm the columns and make sure that each column is correct. You can also choose to ignore the column if you don’t want to display it. 
For example, in column no. 2 there is “computer” and “telephone”, so column no. 2 is chosen as the “Item name”.

In the next step you get an overview of your imported items and can confirm that the data is correct. If there are any errors in the import, these will be shown here. 

Congratulations! The import is now complete and you can view your items. Customers are imported in the same way as importing items.


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