Which browsers does Bokio support?

Browsers that are officially supported at present are:

New versions of Chrome Download
New versions of Firefox Download
New versions of Edge (comes with Windows)
New versions of Safari (comes with macOS)

We support the mobile versions of these as best we can. 

Browsers that probably work but have not been tested by us:

Web browsers that support ES6 should work.

Web browsers that probably don't work:

All versions of Internet Explorer, some built-in mobile browsers. If you use any of these, we recommend switching to one of the browsers we support.

Our strategy

We try to follow standards instead of supporting some specific browsers. However, this means that older browsers that don’t follow these standards are not supported. We will not block other browsers, but we don’t test whether Bokio works with these and we will generally not spend time on making sure they are supported.

The standard we’re focusing on right now is ES6. All modern browsers support the majority of this standard.

The reason for not supporting older browsers is that it would slow down our development. Everyone would then be affected by a small number of people continuing to use old browsers.