How to onboard and set up expenses

Step 1: Go to Expense claims

If you haven't used expenses in Bokio before you can access the onboarding page by clicking on Expense claims in the main navigation

Step 2: Get started

Click the "Get started" button to start the short onboarding process. A popup will be opened asking you who will be using expenses. Select the relevant option for your company. You can always change this selection later.

how many people will use expenses

Step 3: (Many) Invite people

Here you can review the process of expenses for many people. Click "Ok, got it" to continue to the next stage.

how expenses work

If you have employees in your company and wish to invite them to use expenses you can choose to invite them in this step.

When you're ready, click the "Send invites" button and your employees will be sent an invite email and be able to use Bokio to upload expenses.

Step 3: (Just me) Review process

If you will just be using expenses for yourself then you can review the expenses process on the following screen and finish by clicking "Ok, got it".

how expenses works

Step 4: Done!

Now you're ready to stay using expenses in Bokio! Find out more about how to upload your first expense.

Alternatively, you can also view instructions on how to manage expense settings and to add administrator permissions.