Upload expenses

Step 1: Go to My expense claims

You can upload a new expense receipt under Expense claims → My expense claims in the main navigation menu.

expense claims menu

If you're an administrator of your company and are using expenses for the first time, read our section on how to onboard with expenses.

my expense claims

Additional information

You may need to enter some additional information if you are an administrator. You will need to fill in your full name and relevant bank account before continuing.

Step 2: Upload receipts

From here you can upload a PDF or image file. If you’re logged in using a mobile device you can take a picture of the receipt or invoice directly.

upload expense

Step 3: Enter details

Once the file or image has been uploaded, the system will read the documentation and try to read the correct sum and date.

upload receipt

You also need to write a short description of what the expense item relates to. In this case this purchase is for a business lunch. If you want to add an additional page to the documentation you can also click “Add page”. Make sure that you always check that the date and amount have been read correctly. When you’re done, click “Submit expense”.

Step 4: Done!

If you have administrator permissions, then you can approve and record this receipt directly and continue on to scheduling an expense payment

If you only have permissions to submit expenses, you will need to wait for administrator approval. You can follow the status of your submitted expenses on the My expense claims page.