Schedule and register payment of expenses

All receipts that have been recorded and are awaiting payment can be found under Expenses claims → Payments. Expenses are sorted by employee, and by clicking up one line you can see all expenses that are approved for that employee. Select the expenses to be paid, the date for payment, and then “Schedule for payment”.

expense claims awaiting payment

Once a payment has been scheduled, it will move to “Scheduled payments” lower down on the same page.

scheduled payments

Nothing is directly linked to your bank. You must go in and register the payments yourself once the money has been paid out. If payment is made on a different day to the one scheduled, you can click on the cross icon for the relevant payment and then reschedule it for the correct day. You can select a past or a future date. However, nothing can be recorded for a future date. You must wait to register the payment until the scheduled date.

Undo recorded payment

If you want to undo a recorded payment you can see the history of all payments under Payments → Paid. Here you can choose to “Undo bookkeeping”. The recorded journal entry will then be cancelled.

undo payments

The payment will be moved to “Scheduled payments”. Select “Undo accounting”.

undo accounting

Under “Active claims” we can find the scheduled payments and see the payment that we have just undone and how many days have passed since we initially approved the payment. Here we can select “Register payment” to enter the record again on the same date, but now we can change the payment account. By clicking on the cross icon, we can delete the payment, which will then fall under “Expenses awaiting payment”.

active claims

If the expense item has been cancelled in the bookkeeping records, the payment will also disappear from the payment queue.