Tips to improve employee wellbeing

9 tips to improve employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is important to keep your business running. Not only does it increase productivity, but it creates a happy environment to work in! Here are some tips to help you boost your employees’ wellbeing.

Regular breaks

Regular breaks make your employees more productive, but also gives them an opportunity to refresh before continuing with work. Offer regular breaks and a full lunch hour for time to reset and reduce stress.

Flexible working

Flexible hours can work in different ways depending on how your company runs. From having no set hours at all to allowing employees to negotiate their schedules, you can find out what works best for your business. Allowing employees to work around childcare and other commitments, and being understanding of their needs can reduce stress considerably.

Training courses

Training courses can benefit your business by upskilling your employees, but they’re also great for wellbeing too! It improves employee performance, satisfaction and helps them to feel valued. Training employees makes it less likely that they will leave your company, as they know they have access to resources to help them grow.

Social events

Social events can improve communication at work and give employees a chance to relax and get to know their colleagues. While in-person events aren’t an option right now, jumping on Zoom for a quiz or just a chat can help boost morale.

Increase annual leave

Almost all workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks’ paid annual leave each year. But, as an employer, you could increase that amount if you wish. Annual leave is a big benefit to offer your employees, and can help to offer a good work-life balance.

Invest in your workplace

Create a great environment that makes your employees excited to come to work. Work is a place where your employees will spend a lot of time, so make sure your workplace is looking its best. From ergonomic equipment to having food and drinks available, there’s lots you can do to offer an environment that makes your employees feel comfortable.

Employee benefits

Benefits are an extra perk for employees, but can also increase wellbeing. Things like health allowance to spend on a gym membership, health insurance, offering wellness classes in the workplace and offering discounts for services or products can be valuable benefits to offer.

Offer leave options

While some kinds of leave like sick leave and parental leave are required by law, you can go beyond to give your employees some great options. Consider offering longer parental leave to make sure your employees are ready to return to work.

Create a culture where taking sick leave or mental health days are normal. By not pressuring your employees to return to work, they will be fully rested and ready to go when they do come back.

Work on your management skills

If you’re managing employees then a happy work environment starts with you! It’s always important to look at your management skills and see where you could improve. We’ve put together some tips to help you get started.