Work at Bokio

Bokio is growing super fast, and to continue to improve we need empathic front-end developers that will work with the designers and the rest of the team to make Bokio even easier and fun to use.

Why is this job important?

When you work at Bokio you will be able to improve the life of millions of small business owners by making our already loved product even faster and easier to use. Your work will help them to be better at one the most important, and daunting, parts of their life.

If we succeed with our goal, our customers will do their accounting with a smile on their face, instead of being left worrying about getting into a problem with the authorities because they either made a mistake with their accounting or missed any important reports and payments. They will also save a lot of time which can be better spent on their company, their family or whatever they chose to spend their free time on.  

What will you do?

You will be building the front-end and collaborating with the designers. While we have great designers you will still have a lot of freedom to test your own ideas. Especially when it comes to UX. The work will mostly be HTML, CSS, and javascript. We use less and typescript but as long as you know CSS and javascript these are basically the same thing. You will probably do at least simple stuff on the backend too but this will not be the main focus.

Part of your job will also be evaluating what works well and where we need to improve. This can be through metrics or AB-tests but also from summarizing support requests and communicating the customers.

What will you learn on this job?

We work with award-winning designers. The interaction with these have taught me more in one and a half year than the 8 previous years I’ve been building software. When working in a start-up, you will see the effects of your work very quickly. This feedback is also incredibly valuable to evolve your skills. You will see right away if your assumptions about the users were correct and if you are the right person for this job you will learn new things every day from the constant evaluation. And every day you will become a better developer because of it.

- Mikael Eliasson

This industry is full of solutions that were not created with the user in mind. Part of your job will be to question these and find innovative ways to solve the problem in a better way. One of our challenges is that we are dealing with a domain where part of the work happens in the physical world and some in the software world. Designing for this require a lot of effort, testing, communication with the users and sometimes challenging implementations. But it’s also these challenges that really forces you to push your boundaries as a developer and will give you invaluable experience on how to solve problems very few can do.

Who do we think is right for this job?

  • You are empathic and really care about how we affect the users
  • You have grit. When things get hard you simply try harder
  • You are analytical and like every chance to improve both yourself, the team and the product
  • You know the front-end technologies really well
  • Bonus: C# or Java experience
  • Bonus: You know a lot about front-end performance
  • Bonus: You know accounting
  • Bonus: You have had your own company or any other experience relevant to what we are doing


  • You get to enjoy the company of skilled and kind people from around the world
  • Flexible working hours and freedom to work from home much of the time
  • Skilled colleagues, we only hire people that pass our tests
  • Work with modern technologies and be on the edge of what's possible to do with a computer
  • Great possibilities to improve your skills as a developer through tough and interesting challenges plus the possibility to take courses as part of your work 
  • An awesome office in central Gothenburg

Our stack

In the main project we are using:

  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Redis
  • React (switching from AngularJS)
  • TypeScript
  • Less
  • HTML5/CSS3 (we only support modern browsers )

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