Add a supplier

You can add a supplier under Suppliers and purchases → Suppliers or directly when recording a supplier invoice by clicking the “Add supplier” button.

Find out more about how to record a supplier invoice.

On the Suppliers page click the green “+ New supplier” button in the top right.

add new supplier

If you create a supplier invoice directly from the main navigation menu, here you can select an existing supplier or create a new one. Click “Add supplier”. You can now search for the supplier directly from Companies House.

search for company information

Select the correct company and the information will be retrieved automatically. If you can’t find the company you’re looking for, it could be that the name you’re entering doesn’t fully match the company name listed on Companies House.

Company registration number and VAT number 

company number and VAT number

Postal address and Country

postal address and country

If any of the information is incorrect, adjust it manually. When you’re done, click “Save”.