How to get and update VAT returns from HMRC into Bokio?

Before getting started make sure you have registered at HMRC for Making Tax Digital and that you have entered your VAT number in Bokio, you can do this by going to Settings and then Contact information and company type. If you have multiple companies for your user, double check that your VAT number is correct for the company that you are trying to connect with.

Get VAT returns from HMRC into Bokio

To access your VAT returns, choose reports and then VAT returns in the left side menu. Before you have connected to HMRC there won’t be any VAT returns to show. To get your VAT returns to show up in Bokio press Update VAT list. If you have not connected Bokio to HMRC before you will be prompted to connect. Click on the button connect and you will be redirected to HMRC and go through the following steps:

  • Log in to HMRC
  • Grant Bokio access to read and write your VAT information
  • You will be redirected back to Bokio

You will now see all your VAT returns for your company. Depending on how long your company has been up and running Bokio can show active, upcoming and historical VAT periods.

Update your VAT returns

To keep your VAT returns up to date you need to update them manually in Bokio. You can simply do this by pressing the button in the top right corner Update VAT list.

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