How to create a quote

A quote is a first step to creating an invoice. A quote is used to give an offer to your customer for goods or a service. It usually includes a description of the product or job to be done, price, payment and delivery terms.

In Bokio's quotes, the validity period must also be stated so your customer knows how long they have to accept the offer.

1. Go to Quotes

In our menu, go to Invoicing → Quotes. On the Quotes page, you can get an overview of drafts, sent and accepted quotes. If you want to create a new quote, click on Create a quote.

2. Add company information

When you create a quote, first make sure that you add the right company information for your business.

edit company information

Did you know that you can click the "..." button in the right corner, you can add a logo, change the invoice colour and position of your address?

edit company information button

3. Add or create a new customer

Now you can add a customer. If the customer has previously been saved, you can select it from the list. If not, you can create a new customer by choosing Create new.

add customer information

4. Add items or services

Just like an invoice, you can add products and/or services to your quote. These are used when converting your quote to an invoice later. If you have saved items, you can choose from them quickly. Or, create a new row and fill in the details.

add items or services

5. Add additional information

You can add jpg, png or pdf files to your quote for any additional information.

add additional information

6. Enter conditions

Specify how long your quote is valid under conditions. If you want to state payment terms that indicate how long the customer has to pay when they receive the invoice for the job later including overdue interest, you can do this in Settings → Invoice and quote settings.

add payment terms

7. Choose delivery method, preview and publish the quote

During the delivery method, you can preview your quote. Then you choose to send the quote as an email or download it as a PDF. Then you can send and publish the quote.

add delivery method