How do I approve, decline or edit a quote?

Accept or deny your quote

When a quote is published, it will have the status Awaiting approval.

When your customer has come back to you and approved or declined the quote, go to the current quote. On the quote page, there are the options Approve and Decline at the top of that page.

approve or decline quote

When you accept the quote, it will remain under Active quotes until it is converted into an invoice.

Create an invoice from your quote

You can turn your quote into an invoice by choosing the invoice, then clicking on the Create invoice from quote button.

create invoice from quote

Edit your quote

If the price or other details have changed, click on the “...” button at the top of the quote page and choose Edit quote. Now you can make your changes. When you're done, you can send the updated quote to your customer again.

edit quote

Change the state of your quote at any time

If you need to change the status of the quote at any time, you can always go to “...” then Change state, and choose the new state of your quote.

change state of quote