Add a customer

When you create a new customer, you can choose whether the customer is a Limited company or individual. If you select “Get company info”, you can import your customer’s details directly from Companies House. Enter the company name and click “Get company info”. If the system can’t find it, it may be because the company name is listed slightly differently by Companies House. If you can’t find the company you’re looking for, you can always search by company number at Companies House and you’ll be able to see how the name is listed.

enter customer details

When the system retrieves the company details from Companies House, it automatically fills in the mandatory fields.

Note! You should check the address from companies house against your records as companies often use their accountants address as a registered address.

foreign customer details

You can then complete the terms of the invoice, by writing how many days after the invoice is raised is due, the interest on late payment and the delivery method.

enter customer terms

You can then expand the Foreign customer section by clicking on the arrow where you can then input the country and and language. Please note that this will affect VAT, so ensure enter the country is correct.