What can Bokio import and record from Zettle?

Bokio will import all types of sales and create a daily cash takings journal entry that summarises a day’s sales. Other types of events in your Zettle account will be recorded in separate journal entries, some examples being bank charges and payouts.

There are certain events that unfortunately we don’t support so we can’t record these automatically, for more information about this please see our guide.

What happens when I activate the Zettle integration?

When you activate the function Bokio will start importing purchases and events from the date you selected.

Bokio doesn’t import and record journal entries until the day after the purchase. This way, Bokio can import and record daily takings that contain the entire day's sales.

If you choose today's date as the start, Bokio will import and record today's daily takings tomorrow. If you choose a date further back, Bokio will import and record every day up to yesterday. This may take a while and you may need to return to the page a little later to see what has been recorded.

What should I do if there is a day where no journal entries are recorded?

We do not show days in the list that do not have any sales or other events. But, if you discover that there are missing events that are in Zettle but not Bokio please email support@bokio.co.uk and we will look into it.

What time period do daily takings include?

A daily takings journal entry is created from all sales during a calendar day, from after midnight until the next midnight.

Why are my journal entries not in order?

Once you have specified the date you want to import from, we will retrieve the information accordingly and the system will respond by generating the journal entries. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the order.

In general, earlier dates will have a lower journal entry number, but there may be differences. This will not create any bookkeeping issues. Some bank fees are not imported until the following day and may therefore have a higher journal entry number than the others on the same day.

Can I approve journal entries before they are recorded?

We want to save our users as much time and work as possible, so recording journal entries takes place automatically.

Can I delete the import?

Unfortunately you cannot delete an entire import after you have connected your Zettle account to Bokio. Please see our guide on how to delete or edit journal entries.

If you choose to edit or delete imported journal entries from the integration, these will no longer be visible in the list under Integrations → Zettle.

Important to remember

If you want to disconnect the Zettle integration in Bokio, you do this by clicking on Integrations → Zettle → Disconnect.

disconnect iZettle in Bokio

It is important to note that the integration is not removed. We can no longer collect your purchases, but you need to remove the integration by logging into your Zettle account to remove the integration completely.

If you currently have several Zettle accounts, we recommend that you first log out of Zettle completely before starting the integration in Bokio.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to import journal entries for the same day twice. If you have chosen to delete the journal entries imported for a certain date, we can’t import the same date again.