Can I add custom accounts?

Yes you can! There are some restrictions on which account you can add and you must connect new accounts to a specific account in Bokio’s standard chart of accounts. We use the connected account to determine where each account should appear in the different reports and in a VAT Return.

To add new accounts, go to Settings → Chart of Accounts, click on Create new account and connect it to, for example, 4000. You can also see where it will appear in the various reports and VAT Return.

create new account

Copy an existing account

You can also copy an existing account from Bokio’s standard chart of accounts. You can click on any account in the chart of accounts that isn’t a custom account and then click on Copy account.

copy account

You then simply need to add the account number and account name.

add account name and number

Where can I use custom accounts?

Right now, you can use these accounts when you record manual journal entries, when you set up payment accounts, when you set up bank feeds, when you edit journal entries and when you set up opening balances.

How will custom accounts appear in reports?

Custom accounts will appear as a separate line on all reports, as per account 1207, so you will not see that it is connected to another account.

custom accounts in a report

Can you view custom accounts that have been created?

If you go to Settings → Chart of Accounts and then filter to show only custom accounts.

show only custom accounts filter

Limitations of custom chart of accounts

At the moment, there are some restrictions when it comes to custom accounts in Bokio.

  • It is not possible to use custom accounts in the accounting templates.
  • When you use the invoice function in Bokio, you cannot select custom accounts for specific items.
  • We do not allow completely free mapping of accounts today. The reason is that right now you need to "connect" to another account. In order for all reports to continue working, we usually allow you to select an account number within 10 numbers of the connected account. In some cases we also allow you to connect an account that is within 100 numbers.
  • There are areas in the chart of accounts that do not allow any additional accounts at the moment.