Selecting your country

We need to know which country in the United Kingdom your business is located in so we can make sure your bookkeeping is correct following Brexit.

There will be new rules for importing and exporting goods to and from EU countries for English, Scottish and Welsh businesses. Northern Irish businesses will continue to apply the rules of the EU when selling and purchasing goods from the EU. We will therefore need to know the country that your business is located before continuing to use Bokio for bookkeeping and invoicing.

From mid-December you will be required to select your country before continuing to record bank transactions. This will ensure that your bookkeeping is correct when recording journal entries and preparing draft journal entries.

select company

From mid-December you will also be able to go into Settings and add your country under Contact information and company type.

company settings

Then from 01/01/2021 we will require that you need to add your country before you can publish an invoice.

Once you have answered this question, we will handle the bookkeeping automatically based on the date selected and whether it is before or after Brexit for both invoicing and bookkeeping.