Build your small business

6 ways to build your small business success

When you start building your small business, there are some important things to consider to help you grow to success. From branding your business to taking care of your finances, here are some top tips to get started.

Brand your business

Branding your business will help you figure out your identity. Your brand typically means the name and logo of your business, which should be designed to help you stand out in your market. However, your brand should be much more than this. Really, it’s how people feel when they engage with anything to do with your business, whether it’s your website, store or product. It’s how your company represents itself.

Building your brand is a great way to help your business to success. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself when you’re figuring out your brand:

  • Who are your target audience? What will appeal to them?
  • What makes your business unique?
  • What your company stands for, and what it doesn’t
  • Which values do you want your business to have?
  • What is your brand’s visual identity (logo and name)? If you need to, work with a freelance graphic designer on this, unless you are one ;)

Treat your customers well

Word of mouth is another way of letting potential customers know about your business. The best way of getting recommendations for your business? Treating your current customers well and giving them an experience they want to shout about. Offering good customer service and resolving any issues quickly are a given, but personalising your customer service is another great strategy.

If you work with the same client on a regular basis or are working on a long term project, forming a strong working relationship with them can lead not only to more future business from your customer, but also recommendations to their network or friends.

Start doing marketing and managing your PR

Marketing and PR and other ways of spreading the word about your business so you can grow your customer base and increase your sales.

PR is how to get your business a positive reputation. This could be anything from getting featured in local papers to holding events which encourage a good view of your business.

Marketing is promoting your business with the goal of making sales. Creating a website and social media channels for your brand are two ways for customers to find your business online at a low cost. Other more marketing channels include advertising either on television or local papers, but these will require more of a budget.

Take care of your finances

One of the most important things when building your small business is having a good overview of your finances so you know when you can invest, and which areas need investment.

Doing your bookkeeping and invoicing in the same place by using an easy online accounting solution like Bokio makes it easy to keep track of your finances. Automated reporting means you don’t need to be an accounting expert to get it done quickly and easily. Bokio also lets you track your invoices, so if you have any late paying customers you can send them a friendly reminder to keep your cash flowing.

Get networking

Networking allows you to expand your connections, gain advice and not feel alone as a new business owner. Through networking, you could find new opportunities, partnerships, potential customers and potential investors,

A great way to start networking is through groups on LinkedIn or Facebook, or on websites that offer local group events near you for all sorts of small businesses, industries and interests.

Know when to grow

When you’re building your business alone, it’s natural to try and do everything yourself to save money. However, if you own a small business and want to grow it, knowing which jobs you should invest your time in and which jobs you should delegate to someone else becomes really important once your business is well established. Keeping an eye on your finances means you can budget for hiring full time staff or freelancers to help out and free up your time to focus on other things.

If you want to save time and money managing your finances, Bokio is a great solution for small businesses and sole traders. You’ll get your bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses all in one place, for free, forever.

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