Get started with Stripe

With Stripe in Bokio your customers can pay with card payments on your invoices. This will make it easier for them to pay and for you to get paid faster. 

1. Go to the integration page

To get started you need to activate Stripe in Bokio. You do this by going to the Integration page in the main navigation. On that page you will find Card payments by Stripe which you click.

While on the Stripe integration page you can click Connect with Stripe button and you will be redirected to onboarding with Stripe.

2. Onboard via Stripe

Follow the instructions on Stripe to get started. If you already have a Stripe account use the email of that account.

When you have gone through the setup you will see that Stripe is active on the integration page.

3. Create an invoice with Stripe

Now when you are creating an invoice in Bokio you will be able to see an option to add Stripe on your invoice. Click the checkbox to activate Stripe on the invoice. When done publish invoice with desired delivery method.

When the invoice is published you will also be provided with a link to the invoice portal from where a users will be able to view and pay the invoice. This link can be used to send to your customer in email, chats or other desired formats.

If you choose to deliver the invoice by email the invoice portal will be linked in the email.

4. Your customer pays the invoice

When your customer pays the invoice with Stripe they will be able to see their payment and a receipt on the invoice portal. The invoice will also be marked as paid for them.

When the payment from the customer happen it will generate a journal entry for both the payment and the fees.

5. Recording of payouts

What is left to do is to record the payout from Stripe to your bank account.