Importing fixed assets

There a number of reasons why you may need to import fixed assets to your fixed asset register at a later point than when you originally recorded the recorded the asset:

  • You may have used another software to record to record the purchase before you transferred to Bokio using opening balances.
  • You may have recorded the purchase of the fixed asset through the Transactions to record page, which doesn’t give the option to create the fixed asset once recorded.
  • You recorded the purchase of the asset before Bokio released the fixed asset feature.
  • You may have chosen to skip the step where you create the fixed asset and add depreciation details after you recorded the purchase of the asset.

In Bokio you can import the previously created fixed Assets by following these steps:

1. Check the balance sheet to see if you have a balance in the Fixed asset accounts under accounts XX.

2. If you have balances in the balance sheet that aren’t already accounted for in the Fixed assets page go to Accounting and then Fixed assets.

3. Click on Import fixed asset on the top right of the page.

import fixed asset

4. You can then enter the details for the fixed asset and connect to a journal entry if the fixed asset was created in Bokio.

connect fixed asset to a journal entry

Please note that the depreciation when adding fixed assets should already be accounted for in Bokio as importing fixed assets will not generate any verifications.