How do I erase my bookkeeping records?

If you want to erase all your bookkeeping records (e.g. if you’ve imported duplicate records, had a test company, or just want to start afresh), this is best done by starting a completely new company. Click the company name in the top left next to the main menu and then “Create new company”.

No information you have entered, invoices, customers, items, etc. will be transferred, so you will have to remember to transfer this manually if you want to.

To delete a company, go to Settings → Your account → Remove me from the company. This applies only if you are the only user left at the company. The data will then be marked for deletion and will be completely removed within one bookkeeping cycle. If there are other users left at the company, the company will not be deleted. 


This also applies to the journal entries’ documentation. If you want to upload the documentation again, you must first export it in Settings → Export receipts and then upload each item of documentation for the respective journal entry.

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