Work life balance

Work life balance tips for business owners

When you’re a business owner you have a lot of roles to juggle. So, it’s important to keep a good work life balance. From tech free time to prioritisation, follow our 6 tips to bring back some balance.

Set work hours and breaks

To add some structure to your days, consider setting work hours. After your day is done, it’s easier to give yourself permission to switch off and relax. Of course, you can be flexible, and find a structure that suits you best.

Schedule in regular breaks throughout the day. Not only will this make you more productive, but it gives you time to reset and reduce stress.

Tech free time

When it’s your business, it can feel like you need to be available 24/7. But, unless you’re expecting important communication after your working hours, you need to give yourself time to switch off.

When you’re done for the day, turn off your computer. If you have a work phone, consider putting it on silent, or at least turning off email notifications. You won’t be disturbed, and you can enjoy your personal time without any distraction.

Shift your focus

When you’ve finished work, do something totally different! Exercise, get outside and spend time with your family and friends. Using your free time for activities that will help you keep mentally and physically healthy can stop you from burning out, and come back to work refreshed.

Create physical distance

If you’re working from home, it can be especially difficult to switch off from work when you’re done. One way to help this is to have a designated work space at home. If you can, set up a home office so you can literally close the door on work when you’re done for the day. If this isn’t possible, find space for a desk, however small, that you can move away from when you finish working.

Prioritise your time

Everything doesn’t have to be done at once! It can feel overwhelming having so much responsibility, but prioritise tasks with a to do list and take them one at a time. If you reach a point where you don’t have enough hours or expertise to handle everything on your plate, it might be time to consider hiring employees to help you out.

Save time doing your accounting

To keep the balance, it’s important to use your time wisely. Doing your accounting shouldn’t be something that stops you from optimising your time.

Bokio accounting software has everything you need to manage your business finances in one place. We have lots of helpful features that automate some of the accounting process to save you time, like bank feeds and our smart bookkeeping solution. You can do your invoicing in the same place as your accounting too.

We have everything you need to help you prepare for your Self Assessment tax return, submit your VAT Return for Making Tax Digital and keep the right financial records. You can invite your accountant to work with you in Bokio, or we can help you find one if you need a helping hand.

Accounting is kept simple with Bokio, so you have more time to spend running your business.