New features! Invoice reports

New features! Invoice reports and export trial balances

In this week’s release, we have added new invoice reports so you can get a deeper understanding of your invoicing activity. Plus, you can now export Trial balance reports to Excel, and we have made updates to our mobile app.

Launching invoice reports

Bokio’s new invoice reports give you a better understanding of your invoices. You can select which period of time you want to see, the sum that was invoiced, and the number of invoices. You can also filter for specific customers.

invoice reports

Export Trial balance reports

It is now possible to export a Trial balance to Excel from Bokio. You can do this in the General ledger report. It gives the balance for each account as a Debit or a Credit for the specified period.

trial balance reports

Mobile app updates

We have made some improvements to our mobile app. There’s faster and more responsive receipt capture, with the option to crop and edit your images to make recording your receipts even easier.

Read more about the Bokio mobile app 

Edit scheduled journal entries

If you need to edit a scheduled journal entry, now you can do it in Bokio. Just click “...” on the journal entry, then click “Edit” to make your changes.

We have also improved our receipt scanner for better results!

Send materials to your receipt inbox automatically

You can set up forwarding so that all invoices and other materials you receive are automatically forwarded to your receipt inbox in Bokio. This can be done by your email client, like Gmail or any other email provider. For example, you can forward all invoices to to the receipt inbox in Bokio.