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Bokio's accounting software is always free, so you can do your accounting yourself. If you need some help with year end accounts, or any other accounting, we can put you in touch with one of our Accounting Partners

What you get free

Bokio's accounting software will always be free to use
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  • Recording transactions
  • Smart bookkeeping templates
  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Automated reports
  • VAT returns in compliance with MTD
  • Expenses management
  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Invite your own accountant or team members
  • Support
  • Automatic back up, cloud based and secure
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Year end accounts

We refer you to an Accounting Partner who prepares and files your year end accounts
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  • Do your bookkeeping yourself in Bokio
  • Work with one of our Accounting Partners
  • Review of your bookkeeping
  • All relevant year end submissions
  • The most popular service offered by accountants
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Find an accountant

We will refer you to one of our Accounting Partners who are experts in Bokio
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  • Create a customised accounting solution to fit your needs
  • Help setting up your Bokio account
  • Collaborate with an accountant in Bokio
  • VAT Returns prepared and submitted
  • Year end accounts prepared and submitted
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Why is Bokio free?

We know you won't believe it's completely free, so here's how Bokio works

Is Bokio truly free?

Yes, Bokio accounting software is, and always will be, totally free as long as you do your accounting yourself, or in collaboration with your own accountant. No paywalls, no limitations, no credit card required.

How does Bokio make money?

Bokio makes money by charging for financial services at a very competitive price that help you run your business smoothly. In Sweden, where Bokio was founded, small business owners can pay for invoice finance, priority support and other helpful financial services at a really attractive price.

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