Terrified of your tax return?

Taxes don’t have to be a nightmare. Do it differently with Bokio.

Making taxes simple not scary

If you’re tired of sorting through receipts, collecting invoices and feeling stressed out when you’re doing your taxes then you’re not alone.

We’re a software that will help you be prepared for the scary stuff, while keeping it simple.

With easy-to-use features you’ll have all the right information ready to do your taxes. Whether it’s your or your accountant who does the submission!

Plus, you get useful tools like invoicing and a payment portal to help you run your business.

Not so scary now!

So, how does it work?

Få offert från redovisningsbyrå

Get paid with Bokio

Create and your send quotes and invoices.

Connect your bank account

... to import your transactions.

Fota kvitton med mobilen

Upload your receipts on the go

We have an app for that!


Then, record them

It’s simple, we promise!

Wait, what does recording mean? 😱

It’s the way you turn your day-to-day tasks into the accounting you need to do your taxes!

Recording is super easy and we take you through it step-by-step

This isn’t accounting where you need maths or loads of specialist knowledge

Our automation will do the tricky stuff for you

Prova Bokio

Ready to feel relief?

Choose between Free, Balance or Business. Get started now and try all premium features free for 2 months!

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Business Business



Unlimited use – perfect for established companies

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  • Everything in Balance

  • Unlimited directors

    No limitations for directors payroll.

  • Recurring invoices

    Set invoices to repeat as often as you want.

  • Custom templates

    Create templates for specific transactions.

  • Priority support

    Extra help with support and live chat.

Balance Balance



Everything you need to run your business efficiently

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  • Smart accounting

    Search templates to help you record transactions.

  • Get paid easily

    Receive card payments on invoices with Stripe.

  • Customised invoices

    Choose your own logo and invoice colour.

  • Unlimited bank feeds

    Automatically import transactions from several bank accounts.

Free Free



For small business owners who understand accounting

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  • Manual accounting

    Record your expenses and income.

  • Invoicing

    Create, send, track and record invoices with your accounting.

  • Community

    Get tips and share experiences with Bokio users in our community.

“I have been desperately trying to find a user-friendly accounting package for my businesses. I'm so glad I found Bokio!”
- Adrian Adams, Director of Treehouse Sessions & Kaffeinas

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